Hi folks!
I'm 17 and I'm just a girl who likes to make random collages.
LOVE, Anne

hello !! your collages are perfect and I was wondering if you could make me one of ISSUES w/ all the members on it so I could put it on my birthday cake?


hello there! thank you so much. I think so. When is your birthday? 

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reblog perma
bandscollage turned 1 today!
stay connected. soon I’ll put new collages


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Hello! I was searching throught google images and i found your arctic monkeys collage, and it's really awesome! Can i use it for a school work that i'm gonna do about the arctic monkeys?


Of course… do not forget to use the credits :-) and good luck with the work

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hey can i request a vampire weekend collage? with all the members on it? also can you optimize it for the iphone 5 so i can use it as a wallpaper?


Sure! I’ll have 3 weeks off from college soon…

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I think I’ll make a collage t-shirt soon. Who wants to see then?

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I like your collages *.*


Aw thank you so much <3 x

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what do you use to make the collages? is there an app?


Photoshop :3

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Could make a walk the moon? Thanks!


Yes when I have a while

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oh my god ur so fkn beautiful!! and ur rlly talented :*


Oh my goodness, thank you so much <3

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